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states. hispanic children are at the highest level of poverty in the history of the united states. i think the challenge is not how to bring them over to immigration reform or dialogue. just to make sure the latino community knows these facts and understands the failure of president obama. >> i agree with you there is a lot of ammunition. these comments about self deportation have indicated to some in the community he does not have respect for them. go to south texas and talk to latino ranch and farm owners and small businesses and members of the hispanic community. they are hard asses because they are the first to feel the adverse affect. cartels are shooting at them. are competing for jobs. there are a lot of reasons why they are hard asses but they do want to know the presidential candidate has respect for the community and in recognition this is not all a mexican problem. half the people here illegally came from hong kong the, nigeria on a visa and overstating it. the fact that all the people from central america are unworthy is a real problem. >> thank you. >> we will get behind
boys quiet, i never imagined that i would be running for president of the united states. you just never know. [applause] but i also want to promise you, as you graduate from regent today and become an alumnus, he will never join a more defined are collect -- you will never join a more finer club. the dues were stiff, but the benefits are eternal, and will redound not only to you but the people you serve and minister to in the future but i want to congratulate you on one of the finest investment decisions you have ever made, and i don't just mean your new found her earning potential. your decision to come to regent was an act of sheer obedience. that's what it was for susan, and for me, too, the voice of almighty god could coming to reach into university was an excellent decision, it's like changing decision. my purpose today is to remind you that this day would not have occurred without the prayer and vision and work of countless generations who went before you. there would never have been a regent university, there never would have been this lovely, albeit hot ceremony today, without t
for the economy of the united states. i have been a supporter of the export-import bank since i arrived in congress in 1977. simply put, the ex-im bank supports the sales of american-made products overseas when private finances is not available. -- financing is not available. according to the ex-im bank's 2011 annual report, the bank supported $32.7 billion in exports last year, over 288,000 american jobs. many of these jobs are in the pacific northwest and in my congressional district. i ask unanimous consent to put -- and add additional information. the important point srk let's vote for this bill. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. the gentleman from california. mr. miller: i'm pleased to yield one minute to the distinguish mad jort leader, the gentleman from virginia, mr. cantor. the chair: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: i thank the speaker and i thank the gentleman from california. mr. speaker, i rise today to speak in favor of h.r. 2072, securing american jobs through export act of 2011. make no mistake, i am no fan of government sub
the challenges with less risk of damage to the economies of the rest of the world and the united states. >> if breeze is forced out of the euro before they get to this wonderful package of slower austerity and more growth? is forced out of the euro? >> europe as a whole has a very strong incentive in doing what it's gone to take to make monetary union work. that's what the reforms over the last six months have tried to do. they tried to put in place a set of mechanisms for discipline in fiscal policy and cooperating on fiscal policy, for sharing as of resources, for managing the financial system that need to make monetary union work. i think their decisions, confronted with this fear of broad erosion in your experiment, is to redouble their commitment to try to make this thing work. if we believe they have the ability to do that. we hope they manage this process. very difficult set of intelligence. >> to learn anything from their experience or is it totally different? >> the talent is are different, but if you listen to where we started this conversation, what we're trying to do is make
legalizing drugs would have a very positive effect on the murder rate in the united states. guest: i believe that. if we look at border violence with mexico, 40,000 deaths south of the border over the last four years. this is a prohibition phenomenon. these are disputes being played out with guns rather than the courts. legalized marijuana, arguably 75% of the border violence goes away as a result of legalizing marijuana. that being the estimate of the drug cartel's activities involved in the marijuana trade. host: the next call comes from michigan, outside detroit. jamie, you are on. caller: i was calling because i have a problem with the child protective services right now. i am wondering why in michigan the target of lower income families. they are targeting the lower income families and there is not any fairness in the court system. guest: i do not have the answer in this particular -- if the state is utilizing discretion in how the funds are being distributed. i get back to the model i think we're going to have to have to fix medicaid and medicare. virtually all existing federal program
's a very good example of where germany could lead in the future and help the united states and the united kingdom to rebuild our badly weak bridges to the russian leadership as president putin takes power and we must do this because russia's just too important and russia is both in some ways an adversary, not in military terms, but politically, but in some ways it's a friend and partner of the united states. we want to accentuate the friendship and partnership. i think chanceler merkel is perfectly placed to be that bridge for the u.s. to russia. >> terry murphy. good day, sir. quick comment and a two-part question. comment number one is you kind of overlooked the trans-atlantic business dialogue which has been going on for 20 years quite prominently. but secondly on the question of germany, last week i think it was captain harry whales, junior officer of the british army, got an award from the beneficiary council for his efforts to support the wounded warriors of britain and we know that the wounded warriors here are supported by the populous. there was a piece in the paper that wounded
other have worked together back in the 1990's?" maybe this is a complement to the united states. guest: cooperation between two countries is good. mill to mill relationships which we have lots of countries including countries that are not our closest friends, we used to have these relationships with pakistan and we stopped at our peril in our relationship with pakistan and that has declined as you are well aware relationships, especially like economic dialogue like hillary clinton and secretary of the treasury tim geithner had in beijing are very good things. what we should watch and a dangerous time his cooperative relationships where we will have competition like china and russia. that is what we should try to achieve. if we were doing and in the late 1990's, that is a good thing. host: this question is from twitter - guest: first of all, i don't call it the arabis spring. -- the arab spring. i called the arab awakening. the organizing events is the birth of the arab citizen. think about that. citizens of mellon fell other officials have not done well in egypt yes. it is an important
not understand why some people think that russia is the no. 1 adversary of the united states, we need russia and afghanistan. russia is helping us to resupply our forces in afghanistan. we have an interest in promoting counter-terrorism cooperation in russia. i was thinking that iran, right now the no. 1 national security issue of the united states is the iranian nuclear future. if you look at that constructs, russia is the most important country at the table for the united states. china will not be helpful. the european powers, of course, have a limited influence. if there is going to be an endgame on iran, where we convince them not to start -- not to stop short, they will have a lot to do with that solution. there will be a very close u.s.- russian interplay and cooperation on iran. meaning that the nato russian relationship is critically important. the promise of 10 years ago when we created the summit in italy, that promise has not been fulfilled. i would think a major order of business for the u.s. and germany is to bring back a good working relationship with the russian government. ve
it, protecting the president of the united states and other high officials of our government, as well as foreign leaders who visit the united states. that reputation, a great reputation, was badly stained last month won 11 secret service employees engaged in at night of heavy drinking in cartagena, colombia, which ended with them taking foreign nationals, women, back to their hotel rooms. we have called this hearing as part of our committee's responsibility to oversee the functions of the federal government, particularly those within the department of homeland security the united states secret service agents. there are three things we hope to accomplish today, and in our committee's ongoing investigation. first, we want to get the facts about what precisely happened in cartagena, and where the secret service's own investigation of cartagena at stands today. as widely reported, the misconduct involved 11 agents and officers who arrived in cartagena the morning of wednesday, april 11, and were off duty the rest of the day. the men went out in groups of a 2, 3 com and four to four differ
that it may change the european economy, a shift away? the situation there, dragging the united states down with it? what would the president's role be in any bridging between hollande and others. would he be involved in that? >> let me say that president obama called president-elect franÇois hollande yesterday to congratulate him. he looks forward to working with president hollande. president obama looks forward to welcoming president-elect hollande at camp david for the g-8 and then for the summit. they proposed that the two men meet at the white house. they each affirmed in that phone call the important and enduring relationship between the peoples of the united states and france, and that alliance is as strong today as it was last week. as for the situation in europe, the president said the other day, our economy continues to face some headwinds. the euro zone crisis is one of them. secretary geithner has worked with his counterpart to the advise and consult on how best to get control. european leaders have taken very significant steps with the euro zone crisis, and the president and s
is recognized for five minutes. mr. fattah: the congress of the united states in a bipartisan vote passed the energy independence and security act of 2007. it was signed into law by president bush. it just suggests that in federal procurement when we seek an energy that the department should use, energy efficient sources, so that we don't rely on unnecessary middle eastern supplies for oil, this removes this requirement. so i hope we would vote against it. this has been a part of the law for a number of years now and has helped save taxpayers money. so i would ask for a no vote on the amendment. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman yield back? -- the chair: does the gentleman yield back? mr. fattah: i'd be glad to yield. mr. dicks: this is an effort to overturn a law that was passed in 2007 that says -- try to do the most energy efficient approach to running the government. i mean, i think -- mr. flores: if the gentleman will yield? mr. dicks: i think it's common sense and i urge a no vote on the amendment. the chair: does the gentleman yield his time? mr. fattah: i'd be glad to yi
for individuals who immigrate to the united states on fiance visa and subjected to an abusive relationship. not only does the house bill miss these opportunities but it would remove the current accountality agreement for protections who still have immigrant status. it would inexplicablely reduce violence reporting requirements on colleges and universities. these are all tools widely used and supported by law enforcement officials to help keep communities safe by prosecuting criminals and protecting victims. the house bill would decentralize the violence against women immigration adjudication process, bypassing examiners who are trained in domestic violence and sexual assault instead mandating additional interviews on battered immigrants. these are people who usually have very limited options to protect themselves. we should not complicate the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in the united states. these victims of violence, usually women in the most difficult of circumstances, will be burdened, hindered and discouraged from seek
recovered and traced from drug cartel crimes in mexico originate in the united states. so in light of the positive impact the m.s.r. has had, what is the house voting to do this week? that's right, repeal the measure. a policy rider in the commerce, justice and science 2013 appropriations bill would cut all funding for reporting the sale of multiple semi automatic rifles. yes, this house will vote to block funding successfully removing semi automatic rifles from the underground gun trade. these are the guns that endanger americans along the border and fuel an allout war in a neighboring country. ending the m.s.r. requirement is not about protecting anyone's rights. reporting the sale of multiple semi-automatic rifles does not infringe on second amendment rights. in fact, a similar multiple sales requirement has been in place for handguns for over 20 years. the necessary paperwork takes gun dealers 12 minutes to complete but can give law enforcement crucial intelligence on straw purchased rifles. a george bush-appointed federal judge upheld the m.s.r. requirement, finding it did not
, such as united states bonds, as collateral. h.r. 3534 will require the government accountability office to assess the impact of these enhanced collateral requirements on the availability of surety bonds for emerging businesses and particularly business enterprises, seeking the prime contractors on federal projects. when the government enters into a contract, the american taxpayer, along with those in the contract, should be protected. that is why any contract valued at $150,000 or more requires a sewerity bond as a condition of the contract being awarded. the bond will pay the government and downstream contractors in the event that the contractor fails to perform the contract. bonds issued by so-called corporate sewerities which have been vetted and pre-approved by the treasury department provide for assurance to taxpayers and subcontractors in the event that a contractor failed to -- fails to perform. on the other hand, bonds issued by individual sureties have not been so vetted and are not subject to strong collateral requirements. accordingly, i support h.r. 3534 for several reasons. to begin
positioned to own a long- term energy future and the united states. the only question is whether these resources can be coordinated policy must enter the picture. thank you very much for your time, and i look forward to your questions. >> that you very much. mr. tin cans? >> members of the committee, and at the break you institute in oakland, california. it is an honor to discuss the role of government in energy information. advanced policy and markets are at a key point. in recent years advanced sectors have grown rapidly, adding jobs, while reducing costs for many technologies, could solar and batteries. cost declines marked important maturation and progress. policies port is poised to turn it from boom to bust. total federal spending supported at industries surged to $44.3 billion into the asinine. it is now poised to decline 75% to $11 billion by 2014. that includes the analysis conducted by the britain institute and published at the brookings institution as beyond boom and bust, putting clean tech on a path to subsidy independence. slated to expire by 2014. my authors and i
many lives, it's going to help the united states continue to be the world leader for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and mean a lot to our economy as well. and with that, and thanks to all, i urge all members to support this very important legislation and yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the question is, will the house suspend the rules and pass h.r. 5651 as amended. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, 2/3 being in the affirmative -- mr. pitts: i request the yeas and nays. the speaker pro tempore: the yeas and nays are requested. those in support of taking this vote by the yeas and nays will rise and remain standing until counted. pursuant to clause 8 of rule 20, further proceed thonings question will be postponed. for what purpose does the quelt from louisiana seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i move to suspend the rules and pass h r. 3310 as amended. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: h.r. 3310, a bill to amend the communications act of 1934 to consolidate the
for the united states, and that is a role that is far and beyond politician. -- politicks. citizens -- the department of justice is withholding documents. madam chairwoman, it should not have come to this. there are basic questions that the people in congress should have the right to have answer. who approved the tactic of gun walking? why was the criminal chief advocating for the tactic of gun walking on february 4, 2011, in mexico which is the very same day a demonstrably false letter was written to united states senator chuck grassley denying the tactic? on the very same day one is advocating for it, a letter was sent on department of justice letterhead denying the tactic. how did it ever get drafted and sent on d.o.j. letterhead? was gun walking alluded to in the wiretapping applications? and if so, who missed it? when the president said he did not approve of fast and furious and neither did eric holder, how did he know it? he said that in march of 2011. these are but five questions in a we do not have the answers to despite one solid year of asking. so, madam chairwoman, this
who are actually working, we the people of the united states, we don't get the same benefit. host: the minimum wage in your state is actually $5.15 per hour which is lower than the federal rate. do you have friends on minimum wage? caller: i am an independent owner. i i small-business my cell. -- i on a small business myself. minimum wage to port. you make enough money to go to work and come back,. -- minimum-wage keeps you pour. $50,000 per year in new york city is not a lot of money. that is a lot of money and other places and people are making $12,000-$20,000 to live in new york city. it is a no-brainer. the cost of levchenko -- the cost of living should before we the people. host: is from the department of labour does statiststatistics. our last caller talked about what you can live on in new york city and this is from " the new york times." >> follow "washington journal" any time on line. we will take you to the center for american progress important they will talk about u.s. drug policy and outlining the administration's's 2012 national drug control strategy. this is just ge
about sovereign risk that even here in the united states as well as agency risk and how that -- financial system. i know we are coming up on 1:00 and i don't want to keep everybody too long. we'll see if we have one or two last questions and we'll wrap up over here. >> do you think we can wind down the g.s.e.'s maybe by selling off the assets to mortgage corporations or do you have an idea of -- or proposal of how we can do that? and do you think the 30-year mortgage would go away if we would get rid of the g.s.e.'s? >> winding down -- sort of a tough question. the reason that beginie mae -- ginnie mae was made was to take care of fannie mae. so of course you can wind them down. now, this whole notion of we won't have fixed rate loans without them, well, they're intermediary. there's got to be investors on the other side. you can't do anything unless you can sell it. now, it turns out that when these institutions were created and when we got dependent on fixed rate mortgages, 85% of the market on the other side was fixed rate liabilities. it was all in life insurance com
next door. it is now my privilege to introduce the vice president of the united states, joe biden. [cheers and applause] >> gloria, thank you very much. thank you all very much. [applause] thank you. thank you very much. gloria, thank you. -- jenny marino is here where are you? there you are. jenny and i and her family go back a long way. thank you for all you do. isd i understand gabby's mom here. well, she will be here tonight. speaking of a remarkable woman. look, folks, i want to begin by just thinking you. it is engine when honor, a genuine honor to be about to be here with you. -- it is ag when honor to be here with you. thank you for those kind comments. you all are out there every single solitary day. every day, you are helping literally thousands upon thousands of women and girls who are struggling, in many cases just to feed themselves and their families, just to take care of their children, just to get a little bit of shelter, emotional as well as a physical shelter. in a lot of cases, you're helping these girls and women escaped the violence and making sure that they d
to be veterans, united states veterans, they would not be able to put that language into effect because they would not be able to require a contractor to sign an agreement to hire veterans on a v.a. project. that's exactly what's wrong with the bill. mr. grimm has a very good amendment. it is on point. he is absolutely right. i know this from my own work on p.l.a. projects. this amendment seeks to strike the provision from the underlying bill which would prevent any federal agency from requiring contractors to sign a project labor agreement. now p.l.a.'s have been highly efficient in coordinating many, many contractors on these complex construction projects and despite the arguments of some, perform l.a.'s are not a guarantee of union employment. under a p.l.a. agreement, construction contractors can hire people regardless of union or nonunion status. but what it does do, it requires that contractors abide by the law and there's great scrutiny on these projects. they are required to properly classify their workers as the gentleman from texas pointed out, on some jobs where there otherwi
that without our courts we simply could not sustain the rule of law in the united states. indeed, open and accessible courts are the cornerstone of a free and democratic society. the framers of our constitution recognized the framers of the courts when they made the judiciaries one of three coequal branches of our federal government. our courts are where we go to have our rights protected, our disputes resolved. our courts, however, need adequate funding to ensure that americans have access to justice. without the access to justice, the fundamental freedoms that we all enjoy and treasurer are profoundly threatened. unfortunately, there has been a troubling trend in our state courts as a result of declining budgets and increasing workload. many of our state courts are seriously underfunded. this is especially disturbing because state judiciary's handle over 95% of all cases processed in this country. courts simply must be open, available, and properly funded and supported. courts are the very guardians of our fundamental freedoms. we must all do our part to sustain them so that they can
on the table for the 46 million people who are going hungry right here in the united states. vote no on this. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from wisconsin continues to reserve. the gentleman from maryland. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. speaker. may i inquire as to how much time remains? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland has three minutes remaining. the gentleman from wisconsin has seven. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. speaker. i yield myself two minutes. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. speaker. as we said at the beginning there's no disagreement over the fact that we need to have a plan to reduce our deficit. the question has been how? and there's no dispute about whether we need to replace the sequester, the meat axe cuts that will take place automatically january 1. again the question is how? and the republican approach once again asks nothing of people who are doing so well in this country, people making over $1 million a year, and because they ask nothing of
bless the united -- may god bless the united states of america. [cheers and applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] >> in over just half an hour, vice president joe biden will be campaigning by speaking ed keene state college in new hampshire talking about the economy and we will have that live at 1:45. on wednesday, secretary of state hillary clinton, defense secretary leon panetta, and the joint chiefs had will testify before the senate relations committee how to ratify ocean rights could strengthen national security interests in the asia- pacific region known as the law of the sea convention and that will be on c-span 3 tomorrow and also a secret service director and acting homeland inspector general charles edwards testified on the recent circuit -- secret service prosecution in columbia. there will be low for the senate, and security commission live at 10:30 a.m. eastern right here on c-span. from 1971-1973, president richard nixon secretly recorded
dollars -- gets you above two thousand dollars. so far, in the united states, the bulk of consumers still want a car that gets a fair amount of range, well over 300 miles is relatively easy to refuel. exotic technology has been a tough sell. hybrids are only 3% of sales. i am not quite sure this is where this is going. you will see automated technology coming from expensive cars. host: on twitter -- host: what kind of infrastructure investment is needed to make a large number of self-driving cars part of america's future? >> this is an interesting point. there is a divergence worth watching. the comment is the lead. the infrastructures that we have now, by most accounts is inadequate and coarsely maintained. the budget and the money to bring what we have up to a level is not forthcoming, for the most part. now, the federal government has had a program under way for a number of years and are starting a big experiment in an arbor, not far from where i am, in what they call connected vehicle technology where you have transmitters and signalling devices in the traffic lights and along the sid
of these deaths occur in developing countries, the united states has one of the highest maternal mortality rates among developed countries -- 1000 maternal deaths per year. among developed countries, the united states also has the highest incidence of low birth rate and the infant death, something that is not unrelated to maternal health. the steady policy approaches to improving the maternity care system. my own research shows that extending public health insurance to poor women and children has improved infant health and reduced mortality. clearly, there is a long way to go given that half of pregnancies are unintended. clearly planned parenthood continues to fill a vital need. one of our newest affiliates has done research showing that political participation of facts access to health care and infant health in brazil. when i was preparing these remarks, i could not help thinking about the different parts of miss richards'career looking at political participation and also access to health. it may be that the link between politics and women's health is inevitable, miss richards will speak to th
at the united states. i think his attack on the u.s. will not be about chasing the u.s. out of our lands or will not be about fund-raising as such. i do not think it has a rational basis at all. it will be pure revenge. it was the u.s. that killed his wife and his kids and i do not think he has ever forgotten that any more than i think he has forgotten he was tortured by the egyptian government and betrayed his best friend. i do worry about attacks on the u.s. but i do not see them as having the kind of tight strategic games that bin loudoun -- bin laden's attack had. i believe it will be, i want revenge and he will do it regardless of is to the benefit of the group or not. >> part of that is irrelevant in that the attacks on the u.s. could come from al qaeda core, it could be driven by al qaeda corp. the courts today has less of a capability to do the spectacular than it once did. they are very capable. people who know the united states who are trying to carry out attacks but the larger thing about the home grown extremist threat, they will not come from the al qaeda core. operationally
will double from 3.4% to 6.8%. on july 23, the president of the united states stood on that podium and challenged congress to avoid that rate increase from going through and for three months we had a republican majority which stonewalled this issue, no markup, no hearing. i filed legislation the day after that speech, we have over 150 co-sponsors to permanently lock in the lower rate and yet as mr. miller indicated, what we heard from the house republicans was a bill 10 days ago which bypassed committee, nothing from the education work force committee, rammed through the rules committee and paid for in the most disgraceful, grotesque fashion, taking it out of a fund, wiping out a fund to pay for prevention of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, early childhood diseases. that is not a solution, the president made it clear when that, you know, scam was presented that it would be vetoed immediately. it is a dead letter, it is time for us to, yes, debate a c.g.s. appropriations bill, very important, but those kids, those families need a horizon before them as they deal one -- with one of
. they are going to bed hungry in the united states of america. we know the impact of hunger and malnutrition. lower performances at school, poor growth, an immune system less able to fend off illness. instead of ending subsidies to big oil companies, this budget eliminates the social services block grant which provides childcare assistance to low income working mothers, addresses child abuse, provides care for the elderly and disabled. about 22 million people, half of them children, will lose services. instead of ending tax breaks that allow corporations to ship jobs overseas, this budget cuts medicaid, slashes the children's health insurance program, forces 350,000 americans to forego health care coverage provided by health care reform. instead of asking millionaires to pay the same tax rates as middle class families, this budget makes children who are u.s. citizens but immigrant parents ineligible for the child tax credit, harming two million families and 4.5 million children who are united states citizens. they end the medicare guarantee for seniors in this nation. these cuts have a catas
of the united states, president mitt romney. [applause] i am honored to be able to be here to introduce not only governor bob mcdonnell, the dow average was governor of virginia, but also -- the fabulous governor of virginia, but also to lend my endorsement to mitt romney and/or president to take the country back. >> thank you. >> i think, for all of america, this is a very simple proposition. president barack obama, president mitt romney. you decide. very easy. [applause] barack obama, in 2008, decided he was going to be the one to turn the economy around and create jobs and prosperity in the u.s. he made a remarkable statement, if you remember. he said, if i do not deliver and turn the economy around in 3.5 years, i think we are looking at a one term proposition. i think we are looking at a one term proposition. [applause] because, this is not personal. this is about having a performance review after 3.5 years. when you look at 38 plus months of unemployment above 8%, and a doubling of american energy prices at the pump, when you look at debt accumulation in excess of five trillion dollars und
institute, inc., in cooperation with the united states house of representatives. any use of the closed-captioned coverage of the house proceedings for political or commercial purposes is expressly prohibited by the u.s. house of representatives.] the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., may 22, 2012. i hereby appoint the honorable roscoe g. bartlett to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, john a. boehner, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, monsignor steven rosetti, associate propetsor. the chaplain: good and gracious god, it is your spirit that leads us on the straight path. in these challenging days, may we be open to being led by this spirit. may we be so docile to your divine guidance that all of us will work together with one heart for the betterment of all. finally, we know that one day your spirit will lead us safely home. with this saving knowledge and guided by t
has been on united states commission on international religious freedom. he has embodied what is, does about. he has done his share of participating in the academic gabfests and washington, babs -- such as this one. until recently, he served as an interim pastor at the red bank baptist church in tennessee. this is a man who is not only accomplished and a pastor but also a man who holds a b.a. from princeton and oxford. my guess is that nobody else beside dr. richard land holds degrees from princeton and oxford as well as a master's degree from the new orleans baptist seminary. >> thank you. [applause] this sunday will be my last sunday as the interim pastor at the red bank baptist church. they have a new pastor and are very excited they've been some people ask me if i preach every sunday. i say that is the last thing i would give up. it is the thing i find the most fulfilling every week, preaching to the same people and being in touch with the local body of christ. i am neither a physician or a lawyer. high and a baptist minister and in at the cyst. i do think there -- i am a baptist m
was 15 at. he made a vow -- if i survive, i will do whatever i can to get to the united states, and joined the army, become a g.i. joe -- his words -- and eight united states back for saving my life. his entire family was extended and i can spread to this day, if you talk to him, -- his entire family was exterminated in the camps. to this day, if you talk to him, you need subtitles. [laughter] a real character. he cannot speak english at all. how is he going to pass the armed forces qualifying test? cheats.'t -- he [laughter] gets the highest grade. the jig is up. he winds up in korea. he is nominated for the medal of honor four at separate times. his first sergeant was a real anti-semite, sent them out by himself, hoping he would not come back. 50 years later -- by the way, he was ultimately captured and spent time at tunney's concentration camp -- chinese concentration camps. he knew how to survive in camps. he had done that before. a bunch of his buddies get together for every in and say, "what ever happened to ted rubin? i recommended him for the medal of honor." to make a
to occupies the white house and the majorities in the united states senate. [applause] one of the common themes you hear in politics is that people are tired of the partisanship, bickering. i know this is a non-partisan crowd -- you hear that everywhere. why is everyone fighting? why can they not agree on anything? one reason i want to outline to you is these elections are not a competition between two different teams. politics is not a sport, although we often feel that way. there are true, real-life consequences for the people we elect and the choices that they make. this debate we're having today in america is literally between two very different views on the role of government in our country and our role as the country in the world. there has to be a debate. there has to be an argument because there are two very different views of what the government would mean in our life and what america should mean it to the world. in the end, the selection is nothing but a choice between those two different views. whatever choice we make is the one that generations of americans will have to deal
-- this is the homily that cardinal gibbons of baltimore gave. he asserted that a great progress, the the united states was due in no small degree we enjoy in our inland republic, that the church grows and expands under the free republic. he even said in a genial air of liberty, she blossoms like the rose. he says, this is to the fact our country has liberty without license, authority without the statism. my own experience, i sort of back into this religious liberty debate by my involvement with siamese twin, the definition of marriage and the law. i got swept up in the, not exclusively, but in large degree because i was in line to by dr. george and other people of his kind as to the erosion of the rights of religious institutions to serve the broader community in accord with their moral principles precisely because of this issue. as well the rights of individuals to have their freedom of conscience respected. when i saw what was happening and my eyes were opened, it made me feel we could be starting to move in the direction of license and despotism. many examples were already cited earlier today. we h
uses north korea to influence policy of the united states -- look, in their view, americans want china to put pressure on north korea. well, if the americans are selling weapons to tie one, maybe we can get them to slow down on an issue that we care about. conversely, north koreans use the china u.s. north career relationship to exert pressure on both of us. i think the north koreans are extremely worried about the chinese and want to have direct negotiations with the united states so that they are not so dependent on china. i would say that in this triangle, every party has their own objective and of what they do with one party will influence their relationship with the other. this is a very complicated relationship. host: tom, port charlotte, florida, go ahead, please. caller, go ahead. let's try one more line. louisville, ky. gene, republican line. caller: yes. i have a few questions for mr. lampton. if you could, could you give us a comparison of the chinese military compared against the u.s. military? specifically their army to ours, there navy, the number of ships, the naval tech
, the president of the united states traveled to afghanistan last week to sign the strategic partnership agreement with president karzai. and while this agreement is intended to signal the beginning of the end of the afghanistan war, instead it looks -- it actually looks like it could block the united states into a military commitment for years to come. the agreement calls for our armed forces to be involved beyond 2014 in the training, eequipping, and advising, and sustaining of afghan security forces. so that afghanistan can combat terrorism and secure and defend itself against internal and external threats. the irony in that statement, mr. speaker, is rich. when are we going to realize that the internal threats facing afghanistan gather more strength with every day that american boots are on the ground? insurgents are energized and animated. they bolstered their regrumet and increased their numbers because of their resentment over a u.s. military occupation that is now in its 11th year. 11th year. we will not bring stability to afghanistan until we fundamentally alter our bilateral relationship
national defense organization, like the national guard in the united states. the cyber defense league is a voluntary organization that brings together experts from banks, corporations, and the military to get to know each other, to exercise and conduct different exercises, and in times of need it use that as a resource to secure the government's website, and private-sector websites. the added value comes from the practice allows their experts to interact with the government, each other, conduct exercises that otherwise would be too expensive court to time- consuming. the third layer also is critically important is the international aspect of cyber security. you cannot do a national cyber defense. the internet is global. the attacks to estonia did not come from inside estonia. and those situations, you need international cooperation. much of that cooperation is informal. this is something difficult to admit for an official, but it is informal. that response teams tend to know each other, they know the phone number to call, and they know what services they need from different countries
veterans. ms. ilem served as a combat medic and captain pruden is a member of the united states army and injured when a roadside bomb struck his humvee while serving in iraq in 2003 and he lost his right leg. thank you for your service and very important advocacy efforts. i'm eager to begin our discussion and begin, mr. oros and if you would like to proceed with your opening statement. >> thank you he holding this hearing to ensure that veterans receive the highest care. i'm a board member of the american orthotic and protthetic association. for me as a practicing doctor, there are four elements to high quality sare care. the first would be access. veterans receive their care on a timely basis without having to wait weeks or traveling hups of miles for that care. second, trust. veterans receive care from a provider they feel good about, one who listens to them and one who works with them. experience and expertise, clinicians serving veterans adjust the best possible prosthetic device to address the complex challenges and positive outcomes. the result of high quality care is greater c
paragraph from that letter to congress. i quote, the catholic bishops of the united states recognizes the serious deficits our country faces and we acknowledge that congress must make difficult decisions about how to allocate burdens and sacrifices and balance resources and needs. however, deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility efforts must protect and not undermine the needs of the poor and the vulnerable people. the proposed cuts to programs in the budget reconciliation fail this basic moral test. the catechism of the catholic church states it is the proper role of government to make it accessible to each what is needed to lead a truly human life -- food, clothing, health, work, education and culture suitable information, the right to establish a family and so on. poor and vulnerable people do not have a powerful lobbyist to advocate their interests but a they have the most compelling needs, end quote. mr. speaker, that paragraph sums up what i feel and what so many of us feel about what my friends on the other side of the aisle are doing. . yes we have to make tough choices, b
of bill. >> ladies and gentlemen, to introduce the president of the united states, please welcome one of our very own employees. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon. i am a maintenance worker here as tpi. i was born and raised here in newton. i have a wonderful wife of 25 years and two great kids. for 13 years, i worked for maytag. i was in the paint department. unfortunately, that plant closed in 2007. when tpi came in 2008, i was fortunate to be one of the first employees. i have been here since june, as in the maintenance department. i am proud to work care. i am glad the president is here today. he will help push an extension for tax credits. it will help our business and hundreds of families right here. >> please join me in welcoming the 44 president of the united states, mr. barack obama. [applause] >> hello, iowa. well. it is good to be back in newton. it has been awhile. it is good to be back in iowa. it brought back memories. of a lot of driving. [laughter] i just had a great tour of this facility. it people have chairs, feel free to sit down. some of you may not have sea
1945 on, the united states navy went all and end to the guided missions regime. most of the munitions being fired at sea would be guided weapons. one of the best tacticians the navy has ever produced said all this is about is about a new weapon, a long-range missile to take advantage of our communicating technologies. the first generation, each of these generations had a specific operational problem. everything is about to going after guarded weapons. each of the generations can now able differently. the first generation, we have 6500 chips -- ships, 1945. a lot of those ships were decommissioned. all lot of them went into the reserve fleet. it was a blessing and a curse. there was a way congress was going to give you a lot of money. -- there was no way congress was going to give you a lot of money. in nuclear attack on the soviet union, what you needed was to keep the soviet bombers away from you needed a whole bunch of the radar because you're going to do them air to air. we feared the soviets got copies of the german 26 submarines and pretty much made obsolete all of our escort's d
in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, sir, pursuant to the permission granted in clause 2-a of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the senate on may 25, 2012, at 1:47 p.m. that the senate passed without amendment h.r. 2947, h.r. 3992, that the senate passed senate 414, senate 739, that the senate agreed to senate resolution 475. with best wished, i am, signed, sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house an enrolled bill. the clerk: senate 4849 arnings act to direct the secretary of the interior to issue commercial use authorization to commercial stock operators for operations in designated wilderness within the sequoia and kings national park and for what purpose does. the speaker pro tempore: withou
in the united states has served us well. and if it's going to be revised, it should be revised in such a way that suits our culture. so although i do think your guests made some very good points, i think before he sort of paints the american political party system with a broad brush as being somehow defective or flawed in some fundamental way, think of the alternative. guest: those are good comments. i think i would make two points in response. the first one is that i agree with the basic premise, which is that political partiesn this country are sort of inevitable and not a bad thing. i think they are, in fact, a good thing. and in fact you can look as early as the debate over the constitution in the fall of 1787 through all of 1788 and you can see the beginnings of these political factions within the country that eventually sort of evolved into the jeffersonian and hamiltonian parties. political parties in this country are pretty inevident able. -- inevitable. that being said, i think there are times in the country when the competition between the two parties has been helpful and construct
logistics' capabilities of the united states and our allies that we were able to both sustained campaign without the ground line of communication and sustain the future with respect to our military operations. >> it will have no impact on the spring campaign -- >> no, it will not. >> officials from the department testified at the beginning of the shutdown that there were six to eight weeks of supplies on hand. >> in afghanistan? >> was that accurate? >> yes, it was. >> how close did you get before the no. supply lines kicked in? >> one of the great resources of the united states is the united states air force. the airline communications, the no. distribution network, provide a tremendous compensation for what was lost during the gramling to medication. -- during the ground line communication. the closest we came was in simple gasoline. we never came closer than the 30-day supply. all of them are hard. escalade might still be a bit lower -- gasoline might be a bit lower. we are in no strategic need right now, and that is because the ground and communication and a terrific work by the u.s.
. -- >> the personal expansion in the united states. taht is a great way of framing it. i write a book a nd one of the things i said is it is a good frame for this. i want -- that is an important issue. let me take you to a place near my home. the stream was tiny and when the last glacier melted, the c hange was so abrupt it tossed big bolders. i think it is -- the evidence of how these systems hae shifted is we should his bid possession of a big change. >> we have some students in the back. it is in ice so my sense is that we're concerned about in the future we can imagine is the warming and melting followed by increased water levels. later, the ice ages were not driven by human behavior. we have to think about how human actions interact with the natural world. into the future we could enter one of those times and that water freeze and the levels would come back down should that occur. >> did not know if you have seen the movie the day after tomorrow but that scenario of a rapid shift isn't to a matter days. that is unrealistic. that notion of climate change, you're getting colder, that might
pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under god, indivisible with liberties and justice for all. >> thank you very much and please be seated. before i invite our special guest to the stage, i would like to the point out a few people we have an audience who are here to suggest learning doesn't stop when the bell rings or when your diplomat inferred. we have in the audience today, roy and christina. he is the son of a medal of honor recipient. we have in the audience a corporal benjamin robert smith and his wife. he's a recipient of the victoria cross, which is the preeminent award for acts of bravery in wartime and australia's highest military honor. thank you for joining us all away from australia. [applause] from our partners at the congressional medal of honor foundation, we have a number of members and their board as well as family members that i want to recognize. [reading names] all of the family members of our panelists who are here today, thank you for coming. [applause] from the office and the california s
of the united states at night. spectacular view. you'll see some dark areas which are the great lakes. chicago is the big bright spots. it is spectacular to up with things like robotic activity and to view the earth. i want to mention that you can go online anytime and find out when you can view this where you live. it is very bright star in the sky as long as you have a clear night. i look for the best night in colorado springs. there is one next thursday, march 1 outside at 6:43 p.m. it will come up in the west- northwest direction about 20 degrees above the horizon and get up to about 75 degrees above the horizon. it should be a five-minute pass. look out and think about the human space flight program and maybe for some of you that will be in your program, as well. thank you very much and i would be happy to take some of your questions now. [applause] >> thank you so much for your message. the wisdom you share today will be invaluable. on behalf of our participants, we would like to present you with a small token of our appreciation. [applause] if you like to speak to dr. ochoa, she will be
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